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  • Hippy-crits

    Gentle breezes rock the waiting boats. Each man sits in the rear slumped over the hand built motors. Taken from the inside of a lawnmower or car, the dead give-away is the ‘Victa’ or ‘Toyota’ written on the side. The boys, usually their eldest sons run up and down the front of the boat and onto the beach, reaching for your hand….

  • The Sun Won’t Shine in Your Garden

    She woke humming a tune, it must have been blues for there were tears in her eyes and few things moved her to tears like the songs her mother used to sing without category. No. It wasn’t quite soul, for how could she truthfully sing soul, when her own had escaped long ago….

  • Just Giving

    It’s Christmas 1997, I’m hitching a lift in the back of a truck, up the steep sides of Mt Elgon. My first day in Uganda and I’m wrapped like a mummy up to the eyeballs, the thin red dust filters through every pore- I imagine as I blink, tiny pockets of it are storing themselves behind my eye sockets and soon I will have the bulged eye look of the black bodies compressed against me. Ah, Uganda…

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Where to start..., 9.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

2 Responses to “Where to start…”

  1. Tammy Rioux says:

    Hey Carmen.
    We met in Negril, Jamaica in February of this year. My daughter, Jordy and I were staying at the Westport Cottages there.
    I have a picture of us that I would like to send to you.
    What is your email address?


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