Half Brave Half Stupid is a growing collection of true travel stories, fictional short stories  and poems written by Carmen Major.

Carmen’s cool. She even has her own jar of figjam. No, really. The swissies gave it to her.

Carmen has been traveling the world for over 16 years now, spending more than half of every year during that time overseas. She has been to over 150 (?) countries. She has climbed mountain peaks, trekked alone through jungles for months, caved, canyoned, and pushed the limits of human ability, endurance and tolerance.

More information on Carmen:

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2 Responses to “About”

  1. Ruud says:

    Hoi Casmon Major

    How are you? where are you at the moment? I’m still in Puerto Natales, I will leave on Tuesday, to Calafate and the day after to Chalten.


  2. Carmen says:

    hey love, i am in el chalten, its the 19th

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