Sapphire Eyes


I live what I want and I want what I live
And the changing faces sift through the sieve
With the pleasant hello’s and the saddening goodbyes
Some never remembered-till Sapphire eyes

I follow the crowd till I know that I’m leading
Then I let go and leave the hearts bleeding
And I live my life on a chessboard of lies
But would it be different through Sapphire eyes

Sometimes I get lonely, but I’m never alone
Hell says I’ve room for my heart to be stone
Though I like to stay soft, but emotionally wise
I don’t want to get hurt from those Sapphire eyes

I may never see him again and that’s for the best
Coz for Sapphire Eyes I’d give up the rest
To fall for an image has been proved unwise
But to fall for reality? Maybe Sapphire Eyes

To make an impression as deep as a knife
Was maybe the purpose of the Sapphire’s life
For I’ve found no parallel from the earth to the skies
That would come even close to his sapphire eyes

But I’m playing the game and I’m playing it well
And I make the difference between heaven and hell
And I’ve been through the love and I’ve the broken ties
Still, I never expected those Sapphire eyes

And I was falling right under the Sapphire’s Spell
And how I pulled out? I never will tell
Let’s just say I saw through the anger, bitterness and lies
And I stole the jewel from the Sapphire’s eyes.

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