Cold Hearts…Warm Hands


Take me to the darkest places
Set me free in the see of faces
Better let me go, I need to be alone
There was never any room for you
In this heart of stone

They’ve got cold hearts and warm, warm hands
It’s the one’s you care for who never understand
They walk away because they know they can
The one’s that stand by you?
Well you call them friend.


Babe you picked a bad time
To sweep me off my feet
My collision already bypassed
Eon’s before we’d meet
I haven’t yet found the words
Never captured the phrase
That’d break your heart, capture your soul
Set your memories ablaze


Dreams are realities
Truths are all lies
Fact becomes fiction
When the living, dies
Yes becomes no
The dumb are the, wise
I live in confusion
Since I looked in your eyes

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