Travel Eyes

It’s like waking from a dream. To have your travel eyes open. The picture is so large, the essence of self disperses into the differences around you. All things become tolerable. There is no ‘one right way’. Each culture, each movement, each moment becomes a series of events so pure, so interwoven that it becomes clarity in later years.

As my mind will succumb to dementia, it is these moments that will return, held. Those made in the softness of being, closer to the heart than the head. But now opened on the world, the world opens up to me, and I fall into it’s web, moment to movement, movement to moment.

Wafting on the waves of wind, spices circumvent my senses. These walls are thousands of years young, scourged and gorged with histories accidents, the alley so thin, that with arms outstretched, you can follow their braillic story with your fingertips. But you can’t. They are bustling about you, gliding and bumping, shrouded in blues and blacks from head to toe. Chadors to protect their beauty, your wanting of them. Since when did mystery cease to become seductive? It is more powerful, what you don’t know. When curiosity grows like vines to strangle you.

You’re telling yourself it’s no different than what you know, so you learn to forget, then you can make it new. It carries no blame, no right or wrong. It carries on and you flow with the movement of the moment.

When you recover from the sneezes and your eyes open, they have adjusted along with your mind. You follow the crowd, along the cobbled road to the market, and it’s only now that you have accepted there is nothing really different here at all, that you are all just living, just being. That they see YOU as different, you’ve felt for your money belt and it’s gone.

For one moment, you hope that they need it more than you. Then anger floods in, on the tide of the Bay of Fundy. Virtues pop out of the mud, to bounce on a wave of thick requirement to believe in Human Nature.

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