The Other Side


tempt me with your rebel eyes
You pull me deep inside
Don’t lose me in your crazy world
Just let me stay a while

Still we’d like to stay together, though
Together’s far apart
And it never seemed to matter (back then)
That I wasn’t in your heart

And then I took you with me
To the valley where I hide
And I helped twist in further
The only thorn in your side

Back then you could not understand
How I could never walk away
When the hardest thing you never faced
Was when I made you stay

So you were running away from something
That didn’t have a name
And you left me scared and lonely
When you’d finished up your game

But I was on the Other Side
I wouldn’t leave you to return
I hadn’t been taken far enough
There was still a lot to learn

They tell me to grow up now
But to hold on to my youth
And now that I’m on your side
I’m finding out

the truth

You’ll tempt me with your rebel ways
Forever and a day
And I’ll spend all that time searching for you
My heart will find a way

And when I turn against you
When I’ve lost heart and piece of mind
And I don’t care about anything (but you)
I’ll be one of your kind

But that was the way you wanted me
Not to be that naive child
And you love me more than life itself
Now I hold your wild smile

I twist that thorn in so deeply
Let you choose your place to hide
And then I lay down next to you
And we let our worlds collide

And then we slipped in dreamily
Between worlds you and I
And I remember how I never want to face
What was on the Other Side

-By Carmen Major

From An Anthology of Verse and Prose

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