Children of the Night

Could’ve been the loneliness
Or a memory burning bright
A life of fear
To bring me near
To the Children of the Night

You knew what you were doing
With your actions you did invite
Your switch-blade knife
And your wild life
You were a Child of the Night

Invite me to your wasted world
But protect me from the fright
Tell me once more
I wasn’t ready for
The Children of the Night

Street life grown upon me
Like the coldness of the night
Then the bitter wind
Collects my sins
I’m a Child of the Night

Your Rebellious ways tore me away
I’m glad to find wrong is right
Our nights were firin'
Till we’d hear the siren
Hide the Children in the Night

We lived each others danger
But our trust was only slight
You’d be a fool
To break the rules
Of the Children of the Night

I looked deep in the tunnel
At the end there was no light
I fell apart
It wasn’t in my heart
To be a Child of the Night

I'm finding as I turn away
I face the hardest fight
I held on
For much too long
To the Children of the night

I ran back to the old world
A mixed up, blinding sight
I found the sun
And I wanna run
Back to the Children of the Night

And it calls to me sometimes
A whisper in the night
I hold on until
It breaks my will
And I find that I am with them still
The Children of the Night

-By Carmen Major

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